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Resistance: Don't

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Let’s talk resistance.


Thanks for the talk.

No, it’s not quite that simple. Because of the various meanings of words, it requires further fleshing out. After all there are some things, due to the illusory nature of our linear reality, that need conscious resistance.

Why “conscious?”

Because without that qualifier, we can get drawn into identification with the fight. “I am a fighter,” rather than, “I am fighting now,” or “I am fighting this.”

See the difference?

One has to do with a personal label. The others acknowledge that there is an issue that may need to be addressed in a confrontational manner, temporarily. This is important because, if we know ourselves, we know that we are bigger than any label. We may be any number of things, temporarily. But because Reality is fluid, it’s water to stone.

Like stone, whatever is rigid is eventually broken down.

Our souls are not rigid, but our humanity may be. However, since the soul is eternal, it’s best to identify all human roles as temporary conditions. This attitude gets us closer to acting in concert with Reality. And the more we do that, align with a deeper reality, the more aligned with Truth we become.

Doing this, we become Nature, which is what our human forms, and our Souls, ultimately are. This is where peace comes from, no matter the circumstance, even as we near death.

Adopting this attitude also has the effect of allowing Guides and Spiritual Helpers, including a Higher Self, to guide us from outside the dark forests of our current challenges. If we fight everything, on the other hand, these ethereal helpers have no say in the matter. They won’t take our sacred agency. We are free to choose conflict for reasons limited to our mortal understanding. That’s up to us, and karma comes with it.

Or, we could resist only where absolutely necessary and release the rest. And then reconsider what we think is “necessary.”

In my own recent experience, I have been called to release my ideas of what it means to be Myself. I’ve done this before, when I had to sacrifice everything to pursue my Truth. I am doing it again to grow into what I am to Become. As I do so, I’m seeing that help is there at the moment I need it and not a second before. This has grown my faith. I would not have had the opportunity had I not decided to release certain labels. Had I decided to continue to resist.

Today I am starting a new job in Northern California. It pays well. I told them I need to have flexibility for ceremony as a condition of my association with them. They agreed. I am keeping the cabin in Molalla for now because I have ceremonial responsibilities up North at least through July. There’s a lot more, but the upshot is that because I’ve “allowed” rather than resisted, if I lose it all, I don’t care. I know I’ll be exactly where I am supposed to be. Just like Nature. Just like Soul.

I am beginning to re-learn how I can feel peace, wherever I am. I’ve been here before, but then I got caught up in the Resistance; the Resistance of What Is. I’m listening again to a message that my heart has had for me, for a long time. I think many of us are in the same situation, our hearts singing a similar song with a similar message about Resistance. The message is simple.


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