It was a year ago March 6th that we met. When I witnessed your presence beyond my window I flung my door open wide. It was your dedication to spirit that piqued my interest and opened my heart to know you.

I was initially grateful when you came over to my place and asked me to share my story. You were open and I told you things I normally kept to myself. You seemed to understand my point of view.

You suggested ceremony as a way to integrate the spirit and the mundane world's. My introversion had separated them.

We began ceremony and my healing began in full. I stepped out into my full being. Unafraid to Be my spiritual nature in your presence.

It has been a glorious time for me. Releasing that which no longer serves me. Dissolving the barriers I had erected and dancing with nature that surrounds me.

Now, it seems, I truly cannot be contained. My wings stretch across worlds.

Your illumination freed my bodies, spiritual, emotional and physical. I vibrate in harmony, happiness I don't recall experiencing.


Bend, Or

Sand is a work of art. This extraordinary little book will take your spirit on an intriguing journey and will open your mind to contemplating existential questions in new and challenging ways. But the true power of the book is as art --- moreover, an uncommon kind of art that touches and changes your soul in ineffable ways for the better just by experiencing it, irrespective of whether your rational mind agrees with it or not.


Regarding "Sand"

 Hard to put into words the gratitude I feel for our random connection and your introduction to some beautiful ways.  I feel stronger every day knowing this is my journey. I'm safe and aware of all the support around me. Physical and spiritual. Thank you for sharing your insight and love.


Portland, Or

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