Nature-Based Practices

I am not a "shaman". I respectfully reserve my use of that term for the indigenous medicine men and women that exist far outside popular culture. I am, however, one who helps myself and others to find answers in Nature and subtle vibration. This means I have been taught and initiated into healing modalities that at the very least have their basis in indigenous teaching.  I have found no better way to address the root causes of emotional and physical maladies. Why is this so?


In general, energy medicine works directly on the energy body, the LEF or luminous energy field, the field of subtle energy that surrounds, penetrates and supports the physical body.  While medical science does not generally recognize the existence of the subtle field, there is plentiful evidence, the most convincing being the powerful results people obtain from energy medicine healing approaches for a wide range of problems and circumstances.  The LEF can be thought of as the software that informs the DNA hardware.


The methods I use involve work on the energy centers in our bodies, commonly referred to as "chakras" in the Eastern traditions. These energy centers often hold the emotional trauma we all experience, which lodges as dissonant energy within these centers and can cause unwanted symptoms within the physical body. These can manifest in any number of ways from anxiety and headaches to muscle cramps to even more serious ailments like cancer and heart disease. My role as a nature-based practitioner is to help locate the trauma, clear out the energy and allow the body to heal itself as it is meant to.



Generally speaking, a session lasts an hour or two and includes a comprehensive interview, location of the affected energy center, extraction of the dissonant energy and "illumination" or closure of the energy center. The client leaves with greater perspective and a sense of peace about their journey.



My goal is not only to help you find relief from what bothers you or blocks you, but to empower you with skills that you can use at home to eliminate issues and manage stress in most situations.  Empowering you to live your life in alignment with your highest purpose is my passion! A brief description of the major techniques I currently use is found below. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.




Illumination is a technique that is also derived from the energy healing practices of the Q’ero Laika shamans of Peru that removes imprints, the residue of traumatic experiences, from the energy field.  This practice is very similar to attunement but is more fundamental and specific to a particular health or emotional problem (for more information of "Attunement", please to go the "Links" tab and click on my teacher's site, "Redtail Healing Arts").  The residue of trauma in the LEF is often a key cause of illness or psychological issues that originate at the energetic level. Signs that  attunement or illumination might be helpful:


  • A chronic illness that has not responded to treatment, or an injury that has never healed, or a pain that seems to have no known medical cause;

  • Appears as though you have reached a “dead end” in therapy or have been working on the same issue for a long time and can’t seem to resolve it;

  • Emotional triggers that completely derail you;

  • Irrational fears and beliefs that substantially interfere with your life;

  • Abundance issues- this is a huge one that I have personal experience with! THIS WORKS! 

  • You feel chronically fatigued or suffer from other illness, the cause of which cannot be determined by your doctors?

  • You know that something happened that you can’t quite remember sometime in the past; but though you can’t recall what it is, you know you need to heal it to feel whole again.

  • You are in a relationship that is not going well, or would like to have a relationship but have not found one or you recognize old relationship patterns– that you thought you had left behind– recurring in a new relationship?


If any of these are familiar, it may be an indication that you may have an energetic imprint or distortion in your luminous energy field that needs to be removed or balanced before complete healing will be possible.   If an imprint is in place, true healing can be blocked until the imprint is removed or the distortion is repaired.  The good news is that the body often seems to heal itself and situations begin to resolve once energetic blocks have been removed. Most people find this preferable to covering the symptoms of illness with medication or distraction.


Energetic Extraction

It is not uncommon for problems to develop in the LEF due to  intrusive or “misplaced” energies originating outside of LEF.  Such dysfunctional energies can penetrate the LEF due to a person’s affinities, unhealed emotional issues or energetic projections of others (jealousy, anger, etc), as well as various forms of chemical, radionic and energetic toxins to which we are all exposed.   Extraction is a painless process that removes these energies and is always accompanied by an illumination.


Emotional Freedom Therapy

You may have heard of "tapping" as a way to help overcome issues related to addiction, depression, pain and anxiety. I am becoming very familiar with its benefits on a personal level and am excited to introduce this as an effective remedy for a wide variety of ailments.  

Sessions are conducted whenever possible in my tipi near Sisters, Oregon.  When that is not possible I can potentially travel to your home. 


* A word about charges. This has been a philosophy in progress for me. I am well aware that indigenous shamans and healers didn't set out a placard saying, "$100 an hour or go home." Still, we know from Black Elk Speaks that when a man approached him to heal his son, he required the man to come back with an eagle feather and a pipe before he would work on him. Furthermore, indigenous healers were part of a community that supported them. On the other hand, Pete Catches, another celebrated Lakota healer, said, "When a man comes to me for doctoring, I have no fee. He goes away healed; this is my reward." So, I've had to walk a strange line on this, and have gone back and forth. Where I've ended up is that, in order for me to provide the services I do, I have to be able to provide for myself. I don't live lavishly, on purpose (I'm a true minimalist). So, while I will NEVER charge for ceremony, after a complimentary initial meeting, I'll propose a "recipe" that will have a cost associated with it that will be in the $75 per hour range. The recipe will be a bundle of ceremony or "window sessions", some deep-dive "door sessions" where we process and other services such as space clearing and altar set-up, among other things. If you ahve any questions, or need me to stay within a budget, please let me know up front and I'll do my best. Thanks!