Spiritual Coaching and Consulting

COUNSELING: While I always engage spirit when I talk to others about their lives, this part of my practice is more conventional. Problems in work, school or in relationships may be discussed. My goal is always to work toward addressing the root causes of the challenges we face in life. As my paradigm contains the teaching that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience", these sessions may well lead to discussions of a spiritual nature. Note that I am not a licensed counselor.

My preference is a 4-week commitment. The target price is $400, but I am flexible, depending on need. This includes: 

  • Initial consultation (free of charge) where we talk about what is going on, where you want to go, and what has been stopping you; 

  • A "recipe" for a new process for you that includes step-by-step instruction; 

  • A 45-minute weekly check-in, on the phone, Zoom/Skype, or in person; 

  • Daily text accountability check-ins, as needed;

  • At 4 weeks we re-evaluate. 

  • The cost can be "bought down" with referrals or for groups. 

SPIRITUAL COACHING AND CONSULTING: I have found that many, many people that are going through their own spiritual transformations. It seems to be a part of the general awakening of humanity. But that doesn't mean it's an easy road.  Far from it. As a "Spiritual Transformation Consultant", I listen to your needs and then create a plan based on tools I have available to help YOU find YOUR OWN INNER VOICE and learn - from EXPERIENCE - how CREATOR speaks to YOU. Some of these tools may include:

  • SPIRITUAL "OVERHAUL": A comprehensive assessment of the Client's current practices in relation to where they wish to go. Includes an assessment of current belief structure and what is serving them - or not - in their lives. Includes a visit to the home to assist the Client with the creation of dedicated sacred space and a fire ceremony in the Laika tradition on either full or new moon.

  • MEN'S CIRCLES: My passion is helping men find the sacred masculine within them. Consistent sessions in person and over the phone, mixed with appropriate ceremony, help us ground back into the Mother, identify our sticking points and distractions, and begin to make changes that support us in our efforts to fully step back into healthy relationship with both masculine and feminine. There is never a charge for the men's circles I facilitate in the Central Oregon area.

  • PRAYER SESSIONS (in person or remotely): sacred space is opened in a particular way and co-meditation is initiated. Mesa or chanupa may be used, depending on the needs and preferences of the Client. Answers (or proper questions) are sought from Creator and Helpers.

  • DESPACHO CEREMONY: These are AWESOME! Essentially, these are a gift and prayer to the Divine Feminine embodied as Mother Earth or the Sacred Masculine as embodied in nearby mountains. You gather specific items and I create the despacho with them while you watch. A ceremonial fire or burial for the offering, whichever is appropriate, closes the ceremony. 

  • VISION QUEST: A "hambleche" in the Lakota tradition can be a life changing event. My experiences in fasting solitude have informed my life in myriad ways and I continue to participate in them. If a Lakota ceremony is too "intense" or otherwise inappropriate for a client's needs, vision quests can also be arranged outside that tradition.

  • FREELANCE: Ceremonies to welcome new beginnings or to bring closure for things that have passed. Describe your situation to me; let's see what can be done!

*A word about compensation. I DO NOT CHARGE FOR CEREMONY. There will never be a charge for a sweat lodge or fire ceremony (see following pages.) However, where teachings and time are given, with or without ceremony, it is important for the recipient to give like energy for energy received. Money in the $75 per hour range for counseling (NEVER FOR CEREMONY) or "gifting" is appropriate. This is very flexible. I'm here to serve, so money will never be an issue.


Please see "CONTACT INFORMATION" on this site to talk to me directly.


The idea behind true spiritual growth is to move from the dogmatic to the purely experiential, keeping that which is helpful and discarding the rest. It is a "Hero's Journey" as arduous as it is enlightening and joyful. It integrates deep darkness with unbelievable light and wonder. Sometimes it helps to have a friend to help navigate these complex waters. Here are some ways I can assist: